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gen_assure_different_pattern(): There is no need to create a copy in front of the node

I can't explain why the copy was created there, the comment explaining
it makes no sense.
parent ebda5a81
......@@ -789,12 +789,6 @@ static void prepare_constr_insn(ir_node *const node)
const arch_register_req_t *const in_req = arch_get_irn_register_req(in);
if (in_req->ignore)
/* Only create the copy if the operand is no copy.
* this is necessary since the assure constraints phase inserts
* Copies and Keeps for operands which must be different from the
* results. Additional copies here would destroy this. */
if (be_is_Copy(in))
if (!be_value_live_after(in, node))
......@@ -829,17 +823,6 @@ static void add_missing_copies_in_block(ir_node *block, void *data)
static ir_node *find_copy(ir_node *irn, ir_node *op)
for (ir_node *cur_node = irn;;) {
cur_node = sched_prev(cur_node);
if (!be_is_Copy(cur_node))
return NULL;
if (be_get_Copy_op(cur_node) == op && arch_irn_is(cur_node, dont_spill))
return cur_node;
/** Environment for constraints. */
typedef struct {
ir_nodehashmap_t op_set;
......@@ -862,32 +845,15 @@ static void gen_assure_different_pattern(ir_node *irn, ir_node *other_different,
ir_nodehashmap_t *op_set = &env->op_set;
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(irn);
/* Make a not spillable copy of the different node */
/* this is needed because the different irn could be */
/* in block far far away */
/* The copy is optimized later if not needed */
/* check if already exists such a copy in the schedule immediately before */
ir_node *cpy = find_copy(skip_Proj(irn), other_different);
if (cpy == NULL) {
cpy = be_new_Copy(block, other_different);
arch_add_irn_flags(cpy, arch_irn_flag_dont_spill);
DB((dbg_constr, LEVEL_1, "created non-spillable %+F for value %+F\n", cpy, other_different));
} else {
DB((dbg_constr, LEVEL_1, "using already existing %+F for value %+F\n", cpy, other_different));
/* Add the Keep resp. CopyKeep and reroute the users */
/* of the other_different irn in case of CopyKeep. */
ir_node *const in[] = { irn };
ir_node *const keep = be_new_CopyKeep(block, cpy, ARRAY_SIZE(in), in);
ir_node *const keep = be_new_CopyKeep(block, other_different, ARRAY_SIZE(in), in);
DB((dbg_constr, LEVEL_1, "created %+F(%+F, %+F)\n\n", keep, irn, cpy));
DB((dbg_constr, LEVEL_1, "created %+F(%+F, %+F)\n\n", keep, irn, other_different));
/* insert copy and keep into schedule */
assert(sched_is_scheduled(irn) && "need schedule to assure constraints");
if (!sched_is_scheduled(cpy))
sched_add_before(skip_Proj(irn), cpy);
sched_add_after(skip_Proj(irn), keep);
/* insert the other different and its copies into the map */
......@@ -900,10 +866,7 @@ static void gen_assure_different_pattern(ir_node *irn, ir_node *other_different,
ir_nodehashmap_insert(op_set, other_different, entry);
/* insert copy */
ir_nodeset_insert(&entry->copies, cpy);
/* insert keep in case of CopyKeep */
/* The CopyKeep node is a new copy of the other_different value. */
ir_nodeset_insert(&entry->copies, keep);
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