Commit 1af3ac6e authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun Committed by Matthias Braun
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lower_dw: don't fail on Tuple-nodes

parent 9de6d983
......@@ -1207,6 +1207,23 @@ static void lower_Not(ir_node *node, ir_mode *mode)
ir_set_dw_lowered(node, res_low, res_high);
static void lower_Proj(ir_node *node, ir_mode *op_mode)
ir_mode *mode = get_irn_mode(node);
ir_node *pred;
if (mode != env->high_signed && mode != env->high_unsigned)
/* skip tuples */
pred = get_Proj_pred(node);
if (is_Tuple(pred)) {
long pn = get_Proj_proj(node);
ir_node *op = get_irn_n(pred, pn);
const lower64_entry_t *entry = get_node_entry(op);
ir_set_dw_lowered(node, entry->low_word, entry->high_word);
static bool is_equality_cmp(const ir_node *node)
ir_relation relation = get_Cmp_relation(node);
......@@ -3064,6 +3081,7 @@ void ir_prepare_dw_lowering(const lwrdw_param_t *new_param)
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Mux, lower_Mux);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Not, lower_Not);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Or, lower_Or);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Proj, lower_Proj);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Return, lower_Return);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Shl, lower_Shl);
ir_register_dw_lower_function(op_Shr, lower_Shr);
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