Commit 1dcab6ba authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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ldstopt: remove exception removal case: localopts already do that

parent b471f7f2
......@@ -822,28 +822,6 @@ static changes_t optimize_load(ir_node *load)
return res | DF_CHANGED;
/* check if we can determine the entity that will be loaded */
ir_entity *ent = find_constant_entity(ptr);
if (ent != NULL
&& get_entity_visibility(ent) != ir_visibility_external) {
/* a static allocation that is not external: there should be NO
* exception when loading even if we cannot replace the load itself.
/* no exception, clear the info field as it might be checked later again */
if (info->projs[pn_Load_X_except]) {
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(load);
exchange(info->projs[pn_Load_X_except], new_r_Bad(irg, mode_X));
info->projs[pn_Load_X_except] = NULL;
res |= CF_CHANGED;
if (info->projs[pn_Load_X_regular]) {
exchange(info->projs[pn_Load_X_regular], new_r_Jmp(get_nodes_block(load)));
info->projs[pn_Load_X_regular] = NULL;
res |= CF_CHANGED;
/* Check, if the address of this load is used more than once.
* If not, more load cannot be removed in any case. */
long dummy;
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