Commit 1ed087ad authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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Revert r28379.

This optimization is unsafe and breaks Load-Store-optimization.

It is not enough that both loads are connected by the memory edge,
if one Load has an exception-edge, they cannot be parallelized, because
this would destroy exception order.
load-store-opt handle this case and many others, but expect all
Loads in order yet.
opt_parallelize_mem() does this optimization in a wider range.

parent 6dc7084e
......@@ -3577,42 +3577,6 @@ static ir_node *transform_node_Proj_Load(ir_node *proj)
return new_r_Jmp(blk);
} else if (get_irn_mode(proj) == mode_M) {
/* non-volatile loads in sequence can be parallelized (then synced) */
ir_node *load = get_Proj_pred(proj);
if (get_Load_volatility(load) == volatility_non_volatile) {
ir_node *pred = get_Load_mem(load);
if (is_Proj(pred) && get_nodes_block(pred) == get_nodes_block(proj)) {
ir_node *loadpred = get_Proj_pred(pred);
if (is_Load(loadpred)) {
/* duplicate load */
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(proj);
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(proj);
ir_node *common_mem = get_Load_mem(loadpred);
ir_cons_flags flags = cons_none;
if (get_Load_align(load) == align_non_aligned)
flags &= cons_unaligned;
if (get_irn_pinned(load) == op_pin_state_floats)
flags &= cons_floats;
ir_node *newload = new_r_Load(block, common_mem, get_Load_ptr(load), get_Load_mode(load), flags);
ir_node *newprojres = new_r_Proj(newload, get_Load_mode(load), pn_Load_res);
ir_node *newprojmem = new_r_Proj(newload, mode_M, pn_Load_M);
/* create sync */
ir_node *ins[2] = {pred, newprojmem};
ir_node *sync = new_r_Sync(block, 2, ins);
/* prepare exchange */
turn_into_tuple(load, pn_Load_max);
set_Tuple_pred(load, pn_Load_M, sync);
set_Tuple_pred(load, pn_Load_res, newprojres);
set_Tuple_pred(load, pn_Load_X_regular, new_r_Bad(irg));
set_Tuple_pred(load, pn_Load_X_except, new_r_Bad(irg));
return sync;
return proj;
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