Commit 1ff6fc90 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Correct copy&paste-o in localopt.

When distributing Conv over a Sub, build a new Sub, not an Add.
parent 7b5502bd
...@@ -3524,9 +3524,9 @@ static ir_node *transform_node_Sub(ir_node *n) ...@@ -3524,9 +3524,9 @@ static ir_node *transform_node_Sub(ir_node *n)
= get_reference_offset_mode(ref_mode); = get_reference_offset_mode(ref_mode);
ir_node *const conv_b = new_r_Conv(block, b, ir_node *const conv_b = new_r_Conv(block, b,
offset_mode); offset_mode);
ir_node *const new_add = new_rd_Add(dbgi, block, conv_op, ir_node *const new_sub = new_rd_Sub(dbgi, block, conv_op,
conv_b, ref_mode); conv_b, ref_mode);
ir_node *const conv = new_r_Conv(block, new_add, mode); ir_node *const conv = new_r_Conv(block, new_sub, mode);
return conv; return conv;
} }
} }
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