Commit 21fd81da authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Move comment to the correct piece of code.

parent b7d1f6e0
......@@ -1184,19 +1184,16 @@ static bool sim_Copy(x87_state *state, ir_node *n)
/* Operand is still live, a real copy. We need here an fpush that can
hold a a register, so use the fpushCopy or recreate constants */
ir_node *const node = create_Copy(state, n);
sched_replace(n, node);
exchange(n, node);
/* We have to make sure the old value doesn't go dead (which can happen
* when we recreate constants). As the simulator expected that value in
* the pred blocks. This is unfortunate as removing it would save us 1
* instruction, but we would have to rerun all the simulation to get
* this correct...
sched_replace(n, node);
exchange(n, node);
if (get_irn_n_edges(pred) == 0) {
* this correct. */
if (get_irn_n_edges(pred) == 0)
DB((dbg, LEVEL_1, "<<< %+F %s -> ?\n", node, op1->name));
} else {
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