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libFirm 1.22.0 (2015-12-23)
libFirm 1.22.0 (2015-12-31)
* Improved PIC support, linux/elf is now supported
* Additional local optimization rules
* Many additional local optimization rules (instcombine)
* Inline assembly support for sparc/amd64
* Improved constant bit analysis
* Improved load/store optimization, featuring compound value optimizations
* Improved reassociation pass
* Improved amd64 (aka x86_64) backend (but still experimental)
* Improved amd64 (aka x86_64) backend, it is now able to bootstrap libfirm
* Improved arm backend (but still experimental)
* Improved inliner (can inline compound types)
* Compiletime performance improvements
* Cleanups and API simplifications
* Switch to C99 and corresponding code cleanup and simplification
* More details in dumped IR graphs
* Streamlined IR
* Improved IR graph verifiers
* Further unify backend infrastructure
* Support for arrays as parameter and return types
* Updated documentation
* Perform precise 80bit spilling for x87 floating point
* Improved permutation decomposition for copy coalescing
* Added bitwise 'don't care' analysis and use it for optimizing occult constants
* Support builtin 'saturating increment' (amd64, ia32, sparc)
* Improved generated code for division by constant
* Support builtin 'compare and swap' (amd64, ia32, sparc)
* Support alias entities
* Improved scalar conversion optimization
* Added store combine optimization
* Overhauled representation and handling of infinite loops
* Improved use of flag results generated as side effect of instructions (ia32)
* Improved calculation of execution frequency estimation for large graphs
* Improved instruction selection (amd64, arm, ia32, sparc)
* Improved x87 floating point code generation
* Support early clobbers in inline assembly
* Support x87 constraints in inline assembly (ia32)
* Support __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) and __attribute__((visible("protected")))
* Optionally use CMake as build system
* Support 'make install' with the usual variables (INSTALLPREFIX, ...)
* Bugfixes
libFirm 1.21.0 (2012-11-16)
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