Commit 23109436 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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made is_Unknown() inline

added InstOf access functions to header

parent 755615bd
......@@ -2140,9 +2140,8 @@ int
/* returns true if node is a Unknown node. */
is_Unknown (const ir_node *node) {
return (get_irn_op(node) == op_Unknown);
(is_Unknown)(const ir_node *node) {
return _is_Unknown(node);
......@@ -449,6 +449,14 @@ void set_Sel_index (ir_node *node, int pos, ir_node *index);
entity *get_Sel_entity (ir_node *node); /* entity to select */
void set_Sel_entity (ir_node *node, entity *ent);
/** InstOf access */
type *get_InstOf_ent (ir_node *node);
void set_InstOf_ent (ir_node *node, type *ent);
ir_node *get_InstOf_store (ir_node *node);
void set_InstOf_store (ir_node *node, ir_node *obj);
ir_node *get_InstOf_obj (ir_node *node);
void set_InstOf_obj (ir_node *node, ir_node *obj);
* Projection numbers for result of Call node: use for Proj nodes!
......@@ -527,10 +527,16 @@ _is_Bad(const ir_node *node) {
static INLINE int
_is_Const(const ir_node *node) {
return (node && _get_irn_op(node) == op_Const);
static INLINE int
_is_Unknown (const ir_node *node) {
return (node && _get_irn_op(node) == op_Unknown);
static INLINE int
_is_no_Block(const ir_node *node) {
assert(node && _is_ir_node(node));
......@@ -632,6 +638,7 @@ static INLINE type *_get_irn_type(ir_node *node) {
#define is_unop(node) _is_unop(node)
#define is_binop(node) _is_binop(node)
#define is_Const(node) _is_Const(node)
#define is_Unknown(node) _is_Unknown(node)
#define is_Bad(node) _is_Bad(node)
#define is_no_Block(node) _is_no_Block(node)
#define is_Block(node) _is_Block(node)
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