Commit 2312f097 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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Reverted r27394 on iropt.c, there is not need to keep this in sync with

combo, just combo's evaluators must be synced between compute_Cmp() and

parent 04321ea9
......@@ -487,10 +487,8 @@ static tarval *computed_value_Proj_Cmp(const ir_node *n)
* BEWARE: a == a is NOT always True for floating Point values, as
* NaN != NaN is defined, so we must check this here.
* (Note: Some pnc do still allow optimisations but we don't do them
* here because we would get inconsistent with combos compute_Cmp then)
if (left == right && !mode_is_float(mode)) {
if (left == right && (!mode_is_float(mode) || pn_cmp == pn_Cmp_Lt || pn_cmp == pn_Cmp_Gt)) {
/* This is a trick with the bits used for encoding the Cmp
Proj numbers, the following statement is not the same:
return new_tarval_from_long(pn_cmp == pn_Cmp_Eq, mode_b) */
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