Commit 23b72353 authored by Götz Lindenmaier's avatar Götz Lindenmaier
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troff generates empty files

parent 0fdb2b1c
......@@ -129,9 +129,12 @@ $(SOURCE_DIR)/firm_typedefs.h: $(FIRM_SOURCE_HEADERS)
FIRM_SRC_HEADER=$(top_srcdir)/ir/$(filter %/$(notdir $@),$(FIRM_PATH_HEADERS))
troff -a -C -z $(FIRM_SRC_HEADER) >$(SOURCE_DIR)/$(notdir $@)
cp $(FIRM_SRC_HEADER) $(SOURCE_DIR)/$(notdir $@)
# generiert leere dateien ;-(
# troff -a -C -z $(FIRM_SRC_HEADER) > $(SOURCE_DIR)/$(notdir $@)
gcc $(CPPFLAGS) -E -C -P $(SOURCE_DIR)/$@ -o $@
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