Commit 26823c04 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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- add missing prototype

parent 36fe2ec7
......@@ -198,6 +198,19 @@ void opt_if_conv(ir_graph *irg, const ir_settings_if_conv_t *params);
void opt_sync(ir_graph *irg);
* Check if we can replace the load by a given const from
* the const code irg.
* @param load the load to replace
* @param c the constant
* @return in the modes match or can be transformed using a reinterpret cast
* returns a copy of the constant (possibly Conv'ed) on the
* current_ir_graph
ir_node *can_replace_load_by_const(const ir_node *load, ir_node *c);
* Load/Store optimization.
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