Commit 26876c68 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Pass 'info' to 'be_gas_emit_function_prolog()' instead of just throwing it away.

parent ad63c41e
...@@ -1606,8 +1606,7 @@ void ia32_emit_function(ir_graph *const irg) ...@@ -1606,8 +1606,7 @@ void ia32_emit_function(ir_graph *const irg)
ir_entity *const entity = get_irg_entity(irg); ir_entity *const entity = get_irg_entity(irg);
parameter_dbg_info_t *infos = construct_parameter_infos(irg); parameter_dbg_info_t *infos = construct_parameter_infos(irg);
be_gas_emit_function_prolog(entity, ia32_cg_config.function_alignment, be_gas_emit_function_prolog(entity, ia32_cg_config.function_alignment, infos);
free(infos); free(infos);
omit_fp = ia32_get_irg_data(irg)->omit_fp; omit_fp = ia32_get_irg_data(irg)->omit_fp;
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