Commit 289ebf2e authored by Moritz Kroll's avatar Moritz Kroll
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irio: Map id of body block of const irg to new const irg

parent 2ba5bc95
......@@ -613,7 +613,8 @@ void ir_export(const char *filename)
irg_walk_anchors(irg, NULL, export_node, &env);
fputs("}\n\nconstirg {\n", env.file);
fprintf(env.file, "}\n\nconstirg %ld {\n", get_irn_node_nr(get_const_code_irg()->current_block));
walk_const_code(NULL, export_node, &env);
fputs("}\n", env.file);
......@@ -1465,8 +1466,13 @@ void ir_import(const char *filename)
case kw_constirg:
if(!parse_graph(env, get_const_code_irg())) goto end;
ir_graph *constirg = get_const_code_irg();
long bodyblockid = read_long(env);
set_id(env, bodyblockid, constirg->current_block);
if(!parse_graph(env, constirg)) goto end;
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