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- part_block() does not change the current_block anymore

- update docu: collect_phiprojs() puts all partBlocks into a list of its mbh, part_block uses this info
- the lower block (old_block) of a splitted block is always a mbh
- part_block sets and restores current_ir_graph and did not depends on its preliminary setting

parent 533dd636
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ void turn_into_tuple(ir_node *node, int arity);
* Further it collects all Proj nodes in a list of the node producing
* the tuple. In case of nested tuples the Projs are collected in the
* node producing the outermost Tuple.
* All partBlocks are linked to its macroblock header.
* All other link fields are cleared afterwards.
void collect_phiprojs(ir_graph *irg);
......@@ -63,11 +64,9 @@ void collect_phiprojs(ir_graph *irg);
* to new_block. Moves all Phi nodes from old_block to new_block. To achieve
* this the routine assumes that all Phi nodes are in the Phi list (see get_Block_phis())
* of old_block. Further it assumes that all Proj nodes are accessible by the link field
* of the nodes producing the Tuple. This
* can be established by collect_phiprojs(). part_block conserves this property.
* of the nodes producing the Tuple and all partBlocks are linked to its MacroBlock header.
* This can be established by collect_phiprojs(). part_block() conserves this property.
* Adds a Jmp node to new_block that jumps to old_block.
* Assumes that node is contained in current_ir_graph. Sets current_block in
* this ir_graph to new_block.
* @param node The node were to break the block
......@@ -193,12 +193,11 @@ static void move(ir_node *node, ir_node *from_bl, ir_node *to_bl) {
void part_block(ir_node *node) {
ir_node *new_block;
ir_node *old_block;
ir_node *phi;
ir_node *mbh;
ir_node *next, *block;
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(node);
ir_node *new_block, *old_block, *mbh;
ir_node *phi, *jmp, *next, *block;
ir_graph *rem = current_ir_graph;
current_ir_graph = get_irn_irg(node);
/* Turn off optimizations so that blocks are not merged again. */
int rem_opt = get_opt_optimize();
......@@ -217,12 +216,10 @@ void part_block(ir_node *node) {
/* we are splitting a header: this creates a new header */
set_Block_MacroBlock(new_block, new_block);
set_irg_current_block(irg, new_block);
ir_node *jmp = new_Jmp();
set_irn_in(old_block, 1, &jmp);
irn_vrfy_irg(old_block, irg);
/* create a jump from new_block to old_block, which is now the lower one */
jmp = new_r_Jmp(new_block);
set_irn_in(old_block, 1, &jmp);
/* move node and its predecessors to new_block */
move(node, old_block, new_block);
......@@ -236,14 +233,17 @@ void part_block(ir_node *node) {
phi = get_Phi_next(phi);
/* rewire partBlocks */
/* rewire partBlocks: This is necessary, because old_block is a new MacroBlock
header now */
if (mbh != old_block) {
ir_node *list = NULL;
/* move blocks from mbh to old_block if old_block dominates them */
block = get_irn_link(mbh);
/* mbh's list will be rebuild */
set_irn_link(mbh, NULL);
/* old_block is a new mbh */
set_Block_MacroBlock(old_block, old_block);
/* note that we must splice the list of partBlock here */
......@@ -253,8 +253,10 @@ void part_block(ir_node *node) {
next = get_irn_link(block);
if (block == old_block)
if (block == old_block) {
/* this effectively removed old_block from mbh's list */
assert(get_Block_MacroBlock(curr) == mbh);
......@@ -286,22 +288,12 @@ void part_block(ir_node *node) {
set_irn_link(new_block, get_irn_link(mbh));
set_irn_link(mbh, new_block);
} else {
/* move blocks from mbh to new_block */
block = get_irn_link(mbh);
set_irn_link(mbh, NULL);
set_irn_link(new_block, NULL);
for (; block != NULL; block = next) {
next = get_irn_link(block);
set_Block_MacroBlock(block, new_block);
set_irn_link(block, get_irn_link(new_block));
set_irn_link(new_block, block);
/* old_block is the mbh, as well as new_block */
set_Block_MacroBlock(new_block, new_block);
current_ir_graph = rem;
/* kill a node by setting its predecessors to Bad and finally exchange the node by Bad itself. */
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