Commit 3174e915 authored by Andreas Seltenreich's avatar Andreas Seltenreich
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dca: Improve transfer on Or(Const, x).

parent bdf3202e
......@@ -183,7 +183,22 @@ static void dca_transfer(ir_node *irn, pdeq *q)
care_for(get_Mux_sel(irn), 0, q);
case iro_Or:
case iro_Or: {
ir_node *left = get_binop_left(irn);
ir_node *right = get_binop_right(irn);
if (is_Const(left)) {
care_for(right, tarval_and(care, tarval_not(get_Const_tarval(left))), q);
care_for(left, care, q);
} else if (is_Const(right)) {
care_for(left, tarval_and(care, tarval_not(get_Const_tarval(right))), q);
care_for(right, care, q);
} else {
care_for(left, care, q);
care_for(right, care, q);
case iro_Eor:
case iro_Confirm:
case iro_Id:
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