Commit 332392c6 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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output all sparc specific attributes in dumper

parent 637450ac
...@@ -88,18 +88,40 @@ static void sparc_dump_node(FILE *F, ir_node *n, dump_reason_t reason) ...@@ -88,18 +88,40 @@ static void sparc_dump_node(FILE *F, ir_node *n, dump_reason_t reason)
case dump_node_info_txt: case dump_node_info_txt:
arch_dump_reqs_and_registers(F, n); arch_dump_reqs_and_registers(F, n);
break; if (has_save_attr(n)) {
const sparc_save_attr_t *attr = get_sparc_save_attr_const(n);
case dump_node_nodeattr_txt: fprintf(F, "initial stacksize: %d\n", attr->initial_stacksize);
if (has_symconst_attr(n)) { if (has_symconst_attr(n)) {
const sparc_symconst_attr_t *attr = get_sparc_symconst_attr_const(n); const sparc_symconst_attr_t *attr = get_sparc_symconst_attr_const(n);
fprintf(F, "fp_offset: 0x%X\n", attr->fp_offset); ir_fprintf(F, "entity: %+F\n", attr->entity);
fprintf(F, "fp_offset: %d\n", attr->fp_offset);
} }
if (has_load_store_attr(n)) { if (has_load_store_attr(n)) {
const sparc_load_store_attr_t *attr = get_sparc_load_store_attr_const(n); const sparc_load_store_attr_t *attr = get_sparc_load_store_attr_const(n);
fprintf(F, "offset: 0x%lX\n", attr->offset); ir_fprintf(F, "load store mode: %+F\n", attr->load_store_mode);
fprintf(F, "is_frame_entity: %s\n", attr->is_frame_entity == true ? "true" : "false"); ir_fprintf(F, "entity: (sign %d) %+F\n", attr->entity_sign,
fprintf(F, "offset: %ld\n", attr->offset);
fprintf(F, "is frame entity: %s\n",
attr->is_frame_entity ? "true" : "false");
if (has_jmp_cond_attr(n)) {
const sparc_jmp_cond_attr_t *attr
= get_sparc_jmp_cond_attr_const(n);
fprintf(F, "pnc: %d (%s)\n", attr->proj_num,
fprintf(F, "unsigned: %s\n", attr->is_unsigned ? "true" : "false");
} }
if (has_jmp_switch_attr(n)) {
const sparc_jmp_switch_attr_t *attr
= get_sparc_jmp_switch_attr_const(n);
fprintf(F, "n projs: %d\n", attr->n_projs);
fprintf(F, "default proj: %ld\n", attr->default_proj_num);
case dump_node_nodeattr_txt:
break; break;
} }
} }
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