Commit 3522d558 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Remove redundant operations from set_phi_arguments(): phi is always a Phi.

parent a9941cf5
......@@ -232,13 +232,12 @@ static ir_node *set_phi_arguments(ir_node *phi, int pos)
phi->attr.phi.u.backedge = new_backedge_arr(irg->obst, arity);
set_irn_in(phi, arity, in);
set_irn_op(phi, op_Phi);
irn_verify_irg(phi, irg);
/* Memory Phis in endless loops must be kept alive.
As we can't distinguish these easily we keep all of them alive. */
if (is_Phi(phi) && mode == mode_M)
if (mode == mode_M)
add_End_keepalive(get_irg_end(irg), phi);
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