Commit 3903325f authored by Andreas Schösser's avatar Andreas Schösser
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Transformation from ProjIs to ProjIu now also works for general Proj nodes.

parent 4f703c39
......@@ -3651,6 +3651,13 @@ static ir_node *gen_Proj(ia32_transform_env_t *env, ir_node *node) {
if(node == env->old_anchors[anchor_tls]) {
return gen_Proj_tls(env, node);
} else {
ir_node *new_pred = transform_node(env, pred);
ir_node *block = transform_node(env, get_nodes_block(node));
ir_mode *mode = get_irn_mode(node);
if (mode_is_signed(mode) || mode_is_reference(mode)) {
return new_r_Proj(irg, block, new_pred, mode_Iu, get_Proj_proj(node));
return duplicate_node(env, node);
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