Commit 39d8838d authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Revert "fix opt/loop_without_phi"

This reverts commit bcaf3e7900158f4fd3c64dda9ff2d11d652ec474,
because the removed assert now holds again.
parent 03300a88
......@@ -1847,10 +1847,8 @@ static void move_loads_out_of_loops(scc *pscc, loop_env *env)
/* Within unreachable code, there might be memory loops without Phis. */
if (phi_list == NULL)
/* no Phis no fun */
assert(phi_list != NULL && "DFS found a loop without Phi");
/* for now, we cannot handle more than one input (only reducible cf) */
if (phi_list->next != NULL)
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