Commit 3bf2c113 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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be: Improve flag dumping code

- Always dump the actual name and not some apreviation/interpretation.
- Add the missing flags.
- Use a switch so we get a warning when flags are missing from the list.
parent d122bb27
......@@ -183,6 +183,25 @@ static void dump_req_reg_out(FILE *const F, ir_node const *const node, unsigned
dump_req_reg(F, "outreq", pos, req, reg);
static const char *get_flag_name(arch_irn_flags_t flags)
switch (flags) {
case arch_irn_flags_none: return "none";
case arch_irn_flag_dont_spill: return "dont_spill";
case arch_irn_flag_rematerializable: return "rematerializable";
case arch_irn_flag_modify_flags: return "modify_flags";
case arch_irn_flag_simple_jump: return "simple_jump";
case arch_irn_flag_not_scheduled: return "not_scheduled";
case arch_irn_flag_schedule_first: return "schedule_first";
case arch_irn_flag_spill: return "spill";
case arch_irn_flag_reload: return "reload";
case arch_irn_flag_backend:
return NULL;
void be_dump_reqs_and_registers(FILE *const F, ir_node const *const node)
if (is_Proj(node)) {
......@@ -228,18 +247,16 @@ void be_dump_reqs_and_registers(FILE *const F, ir_node const *const node)
if (flags == arch_irn_flags_none) {
fputs(" none", F);
} else {
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_dont_spill)
fputs(" unspillable", F);
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_rematerializable)
fputs(" remat", F);
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_modify_flags)
fputs(" modify_flags", F);
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_simple_jump)
fputs(" simple_jump", F);
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_not_scheduled)
fputs(" not_scheduled", F);
if (flags & arch_irn_flag_schedule_first)
fputs(" schedule_first", F);
arch_irn_flags_t flags_left = flags;
while (flags_left != 0) {
arch_irn_flags_t const flag = floor_po2(flags_left);
char const *const name = get_flag_name(flag);
if (name != NULL) {
fputc(' ', F);
fputs(name, F);
flags_left &= ~flag;
fprintf(F, " (0x%x)\n", (unsigned)flags);
fprintf(F, " (0x%X)\n", (unsigned)flags);
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