Commit 3ccfb366 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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allow comments for outputs in node specification

parent d0d5cc04
......@@ -197,7 +197,6 @@ typedef enum {
pn_Cmp_Uge = pn_Cmp_Uo|pn_Cmp_Eq|pn_Cmp_Gt, /**< unordered, greater or equal */
pn_Cmp_Ne = pn_Cmp_Uo|pn_Cmp_Lt|pn_Cmp_Gt, /**< unordered, less or greater = not equal */
pn_Cmp_True = 15 /**< true */
/* not_mask = Leg*/ /* bits to flip to negate comparison * @@ hack for JNI interface */
} pn_Cmp; /* Projection numbers for Cmp */
/** The allocation place. */
......@@ -268,7 +268,24 @@ class Cast(Unop):
init = "assert(is_atomic_type(type));"
class Cmp(Binop):
outs = [ "False", "Eq", "Lt", "Le", "Gt", "Ge", "Lg", "Leg", "Uo", "Ue", "Ul", "Ule", "Ug", "Uge", "Ne", "True" ]
outs = [
("False", "always false"),
("Eq", "equal"),
("Lt", "less"),
("Le", "less or equal"),
("Gt", "greater"),
("Ge", "greater or equal"),
("Lg", "less or greater"),
("Leg", "less, equal or greater ('not equal' for integer numbers)"),
("Uo", "unordered"),
("Ue", "unordered or equal"),
("Ul", "unordered or less"),
("Ule", "unordered, less or equal"),
("Ug", "unordered or greater"),
("Uge", "onordered, greater or equal"),
("Ne", "unordered, less, greater or equal ('not equal' for floatingpoint numbers)"),
("True", "always true"),
flags = []
class Cond(Op):
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