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get_swapped_pnc() added

parent 74bd8e51
......@@ -53,32 +53,44 @@ const char *get_pnc_string(int pnc) {
return pnc_name_arr[pnc];
* Calculates the negated pnc condition.
get_negated_pnc(int pnc) {
switch (pnc) {
case pn_Cmp_False: return pn_Cmp_True; break;
case pn_Cmp_Eq: return pn_Cmp_Ne; break;
case pn_Cmp_Lt: return pn_Cmp_Uge; break;
case pn_Cmp_Le: return pn_Cmp_Ug; break;
case pn_Cmp_Gt: return pn_Cmp_Ule; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ge: return pn_Cmp_Ul; break;
case pn_Cmp_Lg: return pn_Cmp_Ue; break;
case pn_Cmp_Leg: return pn_Cmp_Uo; break;
case pn_Cmp_Uo: return pn_Cmp_Leg; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ue: return pn_Cmp_Lg; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ul: return pn_Cmp_Ge; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ule: return pn_Cmp_Gt; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ug: return pn_Cmp_Le; break;
case pn_Cmp_Uge: return pn_Cmp_Lt; break;
case pn_Cmp_Ne: return pn_Cmp_Eq; break;
case pn_Cmp_True: return pn_Cmp_False; break;
case pn_Cmp_False: return pn_Cmp_True;
case pn_Cmp_Eq: return pn_Cmp_Ne;
case pn_Cmp_Lt: return pn_Cmp_Uge;
case pn_Cmp_Le: return pn_Cmp_Ug;
case pn_Cmp_Gt: return pn_Cmp_Ule;
case pn_Cmp_Ge: return pn_Cmp_Ul;
case pn_Cmp_Lg: return pn_Cmp_Ue;
case pn_Cmp_Leg: return pn_Cmp_Uo;
case pn_Cmp_Uo: return pn_Cmp_Leg;
case pn_Cmp_Ue: return pn_Cmp_Lg;
case pn_Cmp_Ul: return pn_Cmp_Ge;
case pn_Cmp_Ule: return pn_Cmp_Gt;
case pn_Cmp_Ug: return pn_Cmp_Le;
case pn_Cmp_Uge: return pn_Cmp_Lt;
case pn_Cmp_Ne: return pn_Cmp_Eq;
case pn_Cmp_True: return pn_Cmp_False;
return 99; /* to shut up gcc */
/* Calculates the swapped pnc condition, i.e., "<" --> ">" */
get_swapped_pnc(int pnc) {
int code = pnc & ~(pn_Cmp_Lt|pn_Cmp_Gt);
int lesser = pnc & pn_Cmp_Lt;
int greater = pnc & pn_Cmp_Gt;
code |= (lesser ? pn_Cmp_Gt : 0) | (greater ? pn_Cmp_Lt : 0);
return code;
const char *pns_name_arr [] = {
"initial_exec", "global_store",
"frame_base", "globals", "args"
......@@ -663,8 +663,15 @@ typedef enum {
} pn_Cmp; /* Projection numbers for Cmp */
/* #define not_mask pn_Cmp_Leg */
/** returns the pnc name from an pnc constant */
const char *get_pnc_string(int pnc);
/** Calculates the negated pnc condition. */
int get_negated_pnc(int pnc);
/** Calculates the swapped pnc condition, i.e., "<" --> ">" */
int get_swapped_pnc(int pnc);
ir_node *get_Cmp_left (ir_node *node);
void set_Cmp_left (ir_node *node, ir_node *left);
ir_node *get_Cmp_right (ir_node *node);
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