Commit 3fb8e424 authored by Moritz Kroll's avatar Moritz Kroll
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Fixed new_tarval_from_str() for boolean and reference modes (it hurts!!!)

parent f44b4b12
......@@ -335,10 +335,10 @@ tarval *new_tarval_from_str(const char *str, size_t len, ir_mode *mode)
case irms_internal_boolean:
/* match [tT][rR][uU][eE]|[fF][aA][lL][sS][eE] */
if (strcasecmp(str, "true"))
return tarval_b_true;
else if (strcasecmp(str, "false"))
if (!strcasecmp(str, "true"))
return tarval_b_true;
else if (!strcasecmp(str, "false"))
return tarval_b_false;
/* XXX This is C semantics */
return atoi(str) ? tarval_b_true : tarval_b_false;
......@@ -349,7 +349,9 @@ tarval *new_tarval_from_str(const char *str, size_t len, ir_mode *mode)
return get_tarval(fc_get_buffer(), fc_get_buffer_length(), mode);
case irms_reference:
/* same as integer modes */
if (!strcasecmp(str, "null"))
return get_tarval_null(mode);
/* fall through */
case irms_int_number:
sc_val_from_str(str, len, NULL, mode);
return get_tarval(sc_get_buffer(), sc_get_buffer_length(), mode);
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