Commit 3fc8d909 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Do not set a transformer for ia32_Leave.

Since the epilogue is added late, there are no Leave nodes during transformation.
parent d0529a01
......@@ -5615,7 +5615,6 @@ static void register_transformers(void)
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_GetEIP, be_duplicate_node);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_l_Adc, gen_ia32_l_Adc);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_l_Add, gen_ia32_l_Add);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_Leave, be_duplicate_node);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_l_FloattoLL, gen_ia32_l_FloattoLL);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_l_IMul, gen_ia32_l_IMul);
be_set_transform_function(op_ia32_l_LLtoFloat, gen_ia32_l_LLtoFloat);
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