Commit 4038a683 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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BugFix: map all anchored nodes of the called graph to nodes of the callers graph

parent 5fb7bd33
......@@ -852,6 +852,7 @@ int inline_method(ir_node *call, ir_graph *called_graph) {
ir_entity *ent;
ir_graph *rem, *irg;
irg_inline_property prop = get_irg_inline_property(called_graph);
unsigned long visited;
if (prop == irg_inline_forbidden)
return 0;
......@@ -995,17 +996,30 @@ int inline_method(ir_node *call, ir_graph *called_graph) {
set_irg_visited(irg, get_irg_visited(called_graph) + 1);
if (get_irg_block_visited(irg) < get_irg_block_visited(called_graph))
set_irg_block_visited(irg, get_irg_block_visited(called_graph));
visited = get_irg_visited(irg);
/* Set pre_call as new Start node in link field of the start node of
calling graph and pre_calls block as new block for the start block
of calling graph.
Further mark these nodes so that they are not visited by the
copying. */
set_irn_link(get_irg_start(called_graph), pre_call);
set_irn_visited(get_irg_start(called_graph), get_irg_visited(irg));
set_irn_visited(get_irg_start(called_graph), visited);
set_irn_link(get_irg_start_block(called_graph), get_nodes_block(pre_call));
set_irn_visited(get_irg_start_block(called_graph), get_irg_visited(irg));
set_irn_link(get_irg_bad(called_graph), get_irg_bad(irg));
set_irn_visited(get_irg_bad(called_graph), get_irg_visited(irg));
set_irn_visited(get_irg_start_block(called_graph), visited);
assert(get_irg_n_anchors(called_graph) == get_irg_n_anchors(irg));
for (i = get_irg_n_anchors(called_graph) - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
ir_node *anchor = get_irg_anchor(called_graph, i);
if (get_irn_visited(anchor) >= visited) {
/* already set above */
set_irn_link(anchor, get_irg_anchor(irg, i));
set_irn_visited(anchor, visited);
/* Initialize for compaction of in arrays */
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