Commit 42cfb577 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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used new be_set_spill_env_dbg_module()

parent 3767f521
......@@ -645,7 +645,7 @@ void be_spill_belady(const be_chordal_env_t *chordal_env) { = new_workset(&bel.ob, &bel);
bel.uses = be_begin_uses(chordal_env->irg, chordal_env->birg->main_env->arch_env, bel.cls);
bel.senv = be_new_spill_env(chordal_env, is_mem_phi, NULL);
DEBUG_ONLY(bel.senv->dbg = dbg;)
DEBUG_ONLY(be_set_spill_env_dbg_module(bel.senv, dbg);)
bel.reloads = pset_new_ptr_default();
bel.copies = pset_new_ptr_default();
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