Commit 42deb58b authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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BugFix: Fixed wrong todo fix.

parent b76725c3
......@@ -86,10 +86,11 @@ static void block_copy_attr(ir_graph *irg, const ir_node *old_node,
new_node->attr.block.block_visited = 0;
memset(&new_node->attr.block.dom, 0, sizeof(new_node->attr.block.dom));
memset(&new_node->attr.block.pdom, 0, sizeof(new_node->attr.block.pdom));
/* TODO: we should probably create a new entity. But we somehow have to
* patch the stuff at the same time */
new_node->attr.block.entity = NULL;
new_node->attr.block.phis = NULL;
/* It should be safe to copy the entity here, as it has no back-link to the old block.
* It serves just as a label number, so copying a labeled block results in an exact copy.
* This is at least what we need for DCE to work. */
new_node->attr.block.entity = old_node->attr.block.entity;
new_node->attr.block.phis = NULL;
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