Commit 47e54f59 authored by Moritz Kroll's avatar Moritz Kroll
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Fix fehler123 and fehler124.

parent 9e9c34cc
......@@ -2561,9 +2561,15 @@ static ir_node *gen_normal_Store(ir_node *node)
} else if (!ia32_cg_config.use_sse2 && is_float_to_int32_conv(val)) {
val = get_Conv_op(val);
/* We can skip ALL Convs (and strict-Convs) before stores. */
/* TODO: is this optimisation still necessary at all (middleend)? */
/* We can skip ALL float->float up-Convs (and strict-up-Convs) before stores. */
while (is_Conv(val)) {
val = get_Conv_op(val);
ir_node *op = get_Conv_op(val);
if (!mode_is_float(get_irn_mode(op)))
if (get_mode_size_bits(get_irn_mode(op)) > get_mode_size_bits(get_irn_mode(val)))
val = op;
new_val = be_transform_node(val);
new_node = gen_vfist(dbgi, irg, new_block, addr.base, addr.index, addr.mem, new_val, &store);
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