Commit 48405b12 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Remove the unused return value from x87_create_fxch().

parent 551e0087
......@@ -413,10 +413,8 @@ static inline const arch_register_t *get_st_reg(int index)
* @param state the x87 state
* @param n the node after the fxch
* @param pos exchange st(pos) with st(0)
* @return the fxch
static ir_node *x87_create_fxch(x87_state *state, ir_node *n, int pos)
static void x87_create_fxch(x87_state *state, ir_node *n, int pos)
x87_fxch(state, pos);
......@@ -430,7 +428,6 @@ static ir_node *x87_create_fxch(x87_state *state, ir_node *n, int pos)
sched_add_before(n, fxch);
DB((dbg, LEVEL_1, "<<< %s %s, %s\n", get_irn_opname(fxch), attr->x87[0]->name, attr->x87[2]->name));
return fxch;
/* -------------- x87 perm --------------- */
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