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a prototype of a struct and function to interface with the machine dependent
backend to yield an inverse operation for a given irn
parent b4465b79
* Inverse operations
* @author Adam Szalkowski
* @date 2006-05-08
#ifndef BE_INVERSE_H_
#define BE_INVERSE_H_
typedef struct be_inverse_t_ {
int n;
int costs;
/** nodes for this inverse operation. shall be in
* schedule order. last element is the target value
ir_node **nodes;
} be_inverse_t;
* Returns an inverse operation which yields the i-th argument
* of the given node as result.
* @param irn The original operation
* @param i Index of the argument we want the inverse oparation to yield
* @param inverse struct to be filled with the resulting inverse op
* @param obstack The obstack to use for allocation of the returned nodes array
be_inverse_t *
be_get_inverse(ir_node * irn, int i, be_inverse_t * inverse, struct obstack * obstack);
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