Commit 4b34dcdf authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Implement binary emitter for ia32 bt.

parent 60e7eba6
......@@ -2520,6 +2520,25 @@ static void bemit_bswap(ir_node const *const node)
bemit_modru(arch_get_irn_register_out(node, pn_ia32_Bswap_res), 1);
static void bemit_bt(ir_node const *const node)
arch_register_t const *const lreg = arch_get_irn_register_in(node, n_ia32_Bt_left);
ir_node const *const right = get_irn_n(node, n_ia32_Bt_right);
if (is_ia32_Immediate(right)) {
ia32_immediate_attr_t const *const attr = get_ia32_immediate_attr_const(right);
int const offset = attr->offset;
assert(get_signed_imm_size(offset) == 1);
bemit_modru(lreg, 4);
} else {
bemit_modrr(lreg, arch_get_irn_register(right));
static void bemit_cmovcc(const ir_node *node)
const ia32_attr_t *attr = get_ia32_attr_const(node);
......@@ -3620,6 +3639,7 @@ static void ia32_register_binary_emitters(void)
register_emitter(op_ia32_Bsf, bemit_bsf);
register_emitter(op_ia32_Bsr, bemit_bsr);
register_emitter(op_ia32_Bswap, bemit_bswap);
register_emitter(op_ia32_Bt, bemit_bt);
register_emitter(op_ia32_CMovcc, bemit_cmovcc);
register_emitter(op_ia32_Call, bemit_call);
register_emitter(op_ia32_Cltd, bemit_cltd);
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