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====== Libfirm 1.13.0 (XXXX-XX-XX) ======
* VanDrunen's GVN-PRE implemented
* VanDrunen's GVN-PRE fixed
* operator strength reduce fixed and improved
* fixed 64bit code generation for some rary compare cases
* better tailrecursion optimization: handles x * func() and x + func()
* improved inliner: better heuristic for inlining, can now inline recursive calls
* improved spiller
* lowering of CopyB nodes
* better memory disambiguator
* float->64bit conversion fixed for x87
* removed old verbosity level based debugging: all modules ese the new debug facility
* Improved Confirm based optimization and conditional evaluation (using Confirm nodes)
* BugFixes: tail recursion, load/store optimization, lowering of structure return, conditional
evaluation, removal of unused methods
* reduced numer of indirections for backend operation
* ia32 Backend: supports more CPU architectures
* ARM Backend: fixed frame access
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