Commit 4ee47ac6 authored by Götz Lindenmaier's avatar Götz Lindenmaier
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removed a bug in Cond_kind access routines

parent 5f893f43
......@@ -494,13 +494,13 @@ set_Cond_selector (ir_node *node, ir_node *selector) {
inline cond_kind
get_Cond_kind (ir_node *node) {
assert (node->op == op_Cond);
return node->attr.c;
return node->attr.c.kind;
inline void
set_Cond_kind (ir_node *node, cond_kind kind) {
assert (node->op == op_Cond);
node->attr.c = kind;
node->attr.c.kind = kind;
inline ir_node *
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