Commit 51204032 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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Remove the now unused function get_Proj_type().

parent 7a5c3daf
......@@ -568,11 +568,6 @@ FIRM_API ir_node *get_Sync_pred(const ir_node *node, int pos);
FIRM_API void set_Sync_pred(ir_node *node, int pos, ir_node *pred);
FIRM_API void add_Sync_pred(ir_node *node, ir_node *pred);
/** Returns the source language type of a Proj node.
* Must be an atomic type. Mode of type must be mode of node.
FIRM_API ir_type *get_Proj_type(const ir_node *node);
/** Return the projection number of a Proj node. */
FIRM_API long get_Proj_proj(const ir_node *node);
FIRM_API void set_Proj_proj(ir_node *node, long proj);
......@@ -1379,40 +1379,6 @@ void add_Sync_pred(ir_node *node, ir_node *pred)
add_irn_n(node, pred);
/* Returns the source language type of a Proj node. */
ir_type *get_Proj_type(const ir_node *n)
ir_type *tp = firm_unknown_type;
ir_node *pred = get_Proj_pred(n);
switch (get_irn_opcode(pred)) {
case iro_Proj: {
ir_node *pred_pred;
/* Deal with Start / Call here: we need to know the Proj Nr. */
assert(get_irn_mode(pred) == mode_T);
pred_pred = get_Proj_pred(pred);
if (is_Start(pred_pred)) {
ir_type *mtp = get_entity_type(get_irg_entity(get_irn_irg(pred_pred)));
tp = get_method_param_type(mtp, get_Proj_proj(n));
} else if (is_Call(pred_pred)) {
ir_type *mtp = get_Call_type(pred_pred);
tp = get_method_res_type(mtp, get_Proj_proj(n));
} break;
case iro_Start: break;
case iro_Call: break;
case iro_Load: {
ir_node *a = get_Load_ptr(pred);
if (is_Sel(a))
tp = get_entity_type(get_Sel_entity(a));
} break;
return tp;
long get_Proj_proj(const ir_node *node)
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