Commit 529f6fd4 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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beblocksched: Remove write-only entries from blocksched_ilp_entry_t.

parent 821aaff2
......@@ -669,10 +669,7 @@ typedef struct blocksched_ilp_env_t {
typedef struct blocksched_ilp_entry_t {
ir_node *block;
struct blocksched_entry_t *next;
struct blocksched_entry_t *prev;
int out_cst;
int out_cst;
} blocksched_ilp_entry_t;
static int add_ilp_edge(ir_node *block, int pos, double execfreq, blocksched_ilp_env_t *env)
......@@ -706,8 +703,6 @@ static void collect_egde_frequency_ilp(ir_node *block, void *data)
entry = OALLOC(&env->env.obst, blocksched_ilp_entry_t);
entry->block = block;
entry->next = NULL;
entry->prev = NULL;
entry->out_cst = lpp_add_cst_uniq(env->lpp, name, lpp_greater_equal, out_count - 1);
set_irn_link(block, entry);
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