Commit 54502fbc authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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belower: Small cleanup in push_through_perm().

parent fdfd918b
......@@ -357,15 +357,13 @@ static bool push_through_perm(ir_node *const perm, arch_register_class_t const *
unsigned new_size = arity;
ir_node *node = sched_prev(perm);
for (ir_node *next;; node = next) {
if (sched_is_begin(node))
for (ir_node *prev; !sched_is_begin(node); node = prev) {
if (arch_irn_is(node, schedule_first)) {
DB((dbg_permmove, LEVEL_2, "\tcannot move past schedule_first %+F\n", node));
next = sched_prev(node);
prev = sched_prev(node);
/* Remove Copy with src-reg = dst-reg, which would otherwise block moving
* the Perm. */
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