Commit 55766c75 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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- do cheap tests first

parent 5124cba7
......@@ -1095,8 +1095,8 @@ be_node_get_irn_reg_req(const ir_node *irn, int pos)
* For spills and reloads, we return "none" as requirement for frame
* pointer, so every input is ok. Some backends need this (e.g. STA).
if ((be_is_Spill(irn) && pos == be_pos_Spill_frame) ||
(be_is_Reload(irn) && pos == be_pos_Reload_frame))
if ((pos == be_pos_Spill_frame && be_is_Spill(irn)) ||
(pos == be_pos_Reload_frame && be_is_Reload(irn)))
return arch_no_register_req;
return get_in_reg_req(irn, pos);
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