Commit 55be1ae7 authored by Christian Würdig's avatar Christian Würdig
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changed function variables type

parent ed1aab0a
......@@ -888,7 +888,7 @@ static void emit_ia32_CJmpAM(const ir_node *irn, ia32_emit_env_t *env) {
* Emits code for conditional x87 floating point jump with two variables.
static void emit_ia32_x87CondJmp(const ir_node *irn, ia32_emit_env_t *env) {
static void emit_ia32_x87CondJmp(ir_node *irn, ia32_emit_env_t *env) {
FILE *F = env->out;
char cmd_buf[SNPRINTF_BUF_LEN];
char cmnt_buf[SNPRINTF_BUF_LEN];
......@@ -918,7 +918,7 @@ static void emit_ia32_x87CondJmp(const ir_node *irn, ia32_emit_env_t *env) {
if (reverse)
set_ia32_pncode(irn, get_negated_pnc(get_ia32_pncode(irn), mode_Is));
set_ia32_pncode(irn, (long)get_negated_pnc(get_ia32_pncode(irn), mode_Is));
snprintf(cmd_buf, SNPRINTF_BUF_LEN, "%s %s", instr, reg);
lc_esnprintf(ia32_get_arg_env(), cmnt_buf, SNPRINTF_BUF_LEN, "/* %+F */", irn);
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