Commit 578e5d66 authored by Manuel Mohr's avatar Manuel Mohr
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Remove tuples before determining entity usage.

Some optimizations, e.g., inlining, can create tuples with tuples as
operands.  The current code in determine_entity_usage cannot deal with
this situation and computes wrong usage information.  For now, we just
remove tuples before analysis.
parent ebf9c307
......@@ -612,16 +612,6 @@ static ir_entity_usage determine_entity_usage(const ir_node *irn,
/* skip tuples */
case iro_Tuple:
foreach_irn_out_r(succ, k, proj) {
if (is_Proj(proj) && get_Proj_num(proj) == (unsigned)succ_pos) {
res |= determine_entity_usage(proj, entity);
case iro_Builtin: {
ir_builtin_kind kind = get_Builtin_kind(succ);
/* the parameters of the may_alias builtin do not lead to
......@@ -846,7 +836,7 @@ static void analyse_irp_globals_entity_usage(void)
foreach_irp_irg(i, irg) {
assure_irg_properties(irg, IR_GRAPH_PROPERTY_CONSISTENT_OUTS);
irg_walk_graph(irg, NULL, check_global_address, NULL);
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