Commit 5a9e29dc authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Simplify ia32_register_binary_emitters() a bit.

parent cb0fe566
......@@ -3167,25 +3167,16 @@ static void bemit_fxch(const ir_node *node)
bemit_fop_reg(node, 0xD9, 0xC8);
static void bemit_ignore(ir_node const *const node)
static void ia32_register_binary_emitters(void)
/* first clear the generic function pointer for all ops */
/* benode emitter */
be_set_emitter(op_Phi, bemit_ignore);
be_set_emitter(op_be_Asm, emit_ia32_Asm); // TODO implement binary emitter
be_set_emitter(op_be_Copy, bemit_copy);
be_set_emitter(op_be_CopyKeep, bemit_copy);
be_set_emitter(op_be_IncSP, bemit_incsp);
be_set_emitter(op_be_Keep, bemit_ignore);
be_set_emitter(op_be_Perm, bemit_perm);
be_set_emitter(op_be_Start, bemit_ignore);
be_set_emitter(op_ia32_Return, bemit_return);
be_set_emitter(op_ia32_Adc, bemit_adc);
be_set_emitter(op_ia32_Add, bemit_add);
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