Commit 5c2b8118 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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add some missing cases for copy_const_value

parent efb58316
......@@ -583,10 +583,18 @@ ir_node *copy_const_value(dbg_info *dbg, ir_node *n, ir_node *block)
nn = new_rd_Conv(dbg, block,
copy_const_value(dbg, get_Conv_op(n), block), m);
case iro_Minus:
nn = new_rd_Minus(dbg, block,
copy_const_value(dbg, get_Minus_op(n), block), m);
case iro_Not:
nn = new_rd_Not(dbg, block,
copy_const_value(dbg, get_Not_op(n), block), m);
case iro_Unknown:
nn = new_r_Unknown(irg, m); break;
panic("opcode invalid or not implemented");
panic("opcode invalid or not implemented %+F", n);
return nn;
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