Commit 5c898b9d authored by Sebastian Hack's avatar Sebastian Hack
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Added silent/loud mode for constraint handling

parent fd114cc5
......@@ -475,12 +475,13 @@ static ir_node *pre_process_constraints(be_chordal_alloc_env_t *alloc_env, insn_
return perm;
static ir_node *handle_constraints(be_chordal_alloc_env_t *alloc_env, ir_node *irn)
static ir_node *handle_constraints(be_chordal_alloc_env_t *alloc_env, ir_node *irn, int *silent)
be_chordal_env_t *env = alloc_env->chordal_env;
void *base = obstack_base(&env->obst);
insn_t *insn = scan_insn(alloc_env, irn, &env->obst);
ir_node *res = insn->next_insn;
int be_silent = *silent;
if(insn->pre_colored) {
int i;
......@@ -488,7 +489,17 @@ static ir_node *handle_constraints(be_chordal_alloc_env_t *alloc_env, ir_node *i
pset_insert_ptr(alloc_env->pre_colored, insn->ops[i].carrier);
if(be_is_Perm(irn) || be_is_RegParams(irn) || (be_is_Barrier(irn) && !insn->in_constraints))
If the current node is a barrier toggle the silent flag.
If we are in the start block, we are ought to be silent at the beginning,
so the toggling activates the constraint handling but skips the barrier.
If we are in the end block we handle the in requirements of the barrier
and set the rest to silent.
*silent = !*silent;
goto end;
......@@ -646,20 +657,32 @@ end:
* Handle constraint nodes in each basic block.
* be_insert_constr_perms() inserts Perm nodes which perm
* handle_constraints() inserts Perm nodes which perm
* over all values live at the constrained node right in front
* of the constrained node. These Perms signal a constrained node.
* For further comments, refer to handle_constraints_at_perm().
* For further comments, refer to handle_constraints().
static void constraints(ir_node *bl, void *data)
firm_dbg_module_t *dbg = firm_dbg_register("");
be_chordal_alloc_env_t *env = data;
firm_dbg_module_t *dbg = firm_dbg_register("");
arch_env_t *arch_env = env->chordal_env->birg->main_env->arch_env;
Start silent in the start block.
The silence remains until the first barrier is seen.
Each other block is begun loud.
int silent = bl == get_irg_start_block(get_irn_irg(bl));
ir_node *irn;
If the block is the start block search the barrier and
start handling constraints from there.
for(irn = sched_first(bl); !sched_is_end(irn);) {
irn = handle_constraints(env, irn);
irn = handle_constraints(env, irn, &silent);
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