Commit 5e7299be authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Use the mode of the value in get_spill_mode().

Do not derive another mode from the mode of the value -- they are the same anyway.
I could trace this code back to when backend did not always use register wide modes for values.
parent 84245d55
......@@ -299,8 +299,7 @@ static ir_mode *get_spill_mode(const ir_node *value)
if (is_ia32_fld(skipped) || is_ia32_Load(skipped))
return get_ia32_ls_mode(skipped);
ir_mode *mode = get_irn_mode(value);
return mode_is_float(mode) ? ia32_mode_E : ia32_mode_gp;
return get_irn_mode(value);
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