Commit 6074084a authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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amd64: Remove pointless cast to the same type.

parent 387fce26
......@@ -321,13 +321,11 @@ static void amd64_emit_am(const ir_node *const node, bool indirect_star)
case AMD64_OP_REG_REG: {
const amd64_addr_attr_t *const addr_attr
= (const amd64_addr_attr_t*)attr;
const arch_register_t *reg0 = arch_get_irn_register_in(node, 0);
const arch_register_t *reg1 = arch_get_irn_register_in(node, 1);
emit_register_mode(reg1, addr_attr->insn_mode);
emit_register_mode(reg1, attr->insn_mode);
be_emit_cstring(", ");
emit_register_mode(reg0, addr_attr->insn_mode);
emit_register_mode(reg0, attr->insn_mode);
case AMD64_OP_REG_ADDR: {
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