Commit 60ccdca9 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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irio: remove set_op_pinned function

You should specify the pinned attribute when calling new_ir_op and not
change it later.
parent 3f9b7c31
......@@ -85,10 +85,6 @@ FIRM_API const char *get_op_pin_state_name(op_pin_state s);
/** Returns pinned state of an opcode. */
FIRM_API op_pin_state get_op_pinned(const ir_op *op);
/** Sets pinned in the opcode. Setting it to floating has no effect
for Block, Phi and control flow nodes. */
FIRM_API void set_op_pinned(ir_op *op, op_pin_state pinned);
/** Returns the next free IR opcode number, allows to register user ops. */
FIRM_API unsigned get_next_ir_opcode(void);
......@@ -153,12 +153,6 @@ op_pin_state (get_op_pinned)(const ir_op *op)
return get_op_pinned_(op);
void set_op_pinned(ir_op *op, op_pin_state pinned)
if (op == op_Block || op == op_Phi || is_op_cfopcode(op)) return;
op->pin_state = pinned;
unsigned get_next_ir_opcode(void)
return next_iro++;
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