Commit 61adb504 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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used new set_irg_doms_inconsistent() to invalidate dom and postdom

parent 77402d90
......@@ -2960,12 +2960,11 @@ static ir_op_ops *firm_set_default_node_cmp_attr(opcode code, ir_op_ops *ops)
#undef CASE
* Compare function for two nodes in the hash table. Gets two
* nodes as parameters. Returns 0 if the nodes are a cse.
static int
vt_cmp (const void *elt, const void *key)
static int identities_cmp(const void *elt, const void *key)
ir_node *a, *b;
int i, irn_arity_a;
......@@ -3042,7 +3041,7 @@ ir_node_hash (ir_node *node)
pset *
new_identities(void) {
return new_pset(vt_cmp, N_IR_NODES);
return new_pset(identities_cmp, N_IR_NODES);
......@@ -3101,7 +3100,7 @@ identify_cons (pset *value_table, ir_node *n) {
return n;
* Return the canonical node computing the same value as n.
* Looks up the node in a hash table, enters it in the table
* if it isn't there yet.
......@@ -3423,10 +3422,9 @@ optimize_in_place (ir_node *n)
if (get_irg_outs_state(current_ir_graph) == outs_consistent)
/* Maybe we could also test whether optimizing the node can
/* FIXME: Maybe we could also test whether optimizing the node can
change the control graph. */
if (get_irg_dom_state(current_ir_graph) == dom_consistent)
return optimize_in_place_2 (n);
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