Commit 6295949a authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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lower_dw: add support for Bad nodes

parent 27e53d81
......@@ -1810,6 +1810,18 @@ static void lower_Unknown(ir_node *node, ir_mode *mode, lower_env_t *env)
set_lowered(env, node, res_low, res_high);
* Translate a Bad into two.
static void lower_Bad(ir_node *node, ir_mode *mode, lower_env_t *env)
ir_mode *low_mode = env->low_unsigned;
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(node);
ir_node *res_low = new_r_Bad(irg, low_mode);
ir_node *res_high = new_r_Bad(irg, mode);
set_lowered(env, node, res_low, res_high);
* Translate a Phi.
......@@ -2416,6 +2428,7 @@ void lower_dw_ops(const lwrdw_param_t *param)
enter_lower_func(op_ASM, lower_ASM);
enter_lower_func(op_Add, lower_binop);
enter_lower_func(op_And, lower_And);
enter_lower_func(op_Bad, lower_Bad);
enter_lower_func(op_Call, lower_Call);
enter_lower_func(op_Cmp, lower_Cmp);
enter_lower_func(op_Cond, lower_Cond);
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