Commit 63e8a062 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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sparc: Clean up introduce_epilog().

parent b9a8e2e9
......@@ -80,29 +80,26 @@ static void kill_unused_stacknodes(ir_node *node)
static void introduce_epilog(ir_node *ret)
const arch_register_t *sp_reg = &sparc_registers[REG_SP];
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(ret);
be_stack_layout_t *layout = be_get_irg_stack_layout(irg);
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(ret);
ir_type *frame_type = get_irg_frame_type(irg);
unsigned frame_size = get_type_size_bytes(frame_type);
arch_register_t const *const sp_reg = &sparc_registers[REG_SP];
assert(arch_get_irn_register_req_in(ret, n_sparc_Return_sp) == sp_reg->single_req);
ir_node *const sp = get_irn_n(ret, n_sparc_Return_sp);
ir_node *const sp = get_irn_n(ret, n_sparc_Return_sp);
ir_node *const block = get_nodes_block(ret);
ir_graph *const irg = get_irn_irg(ret);
be_stack_layout_t *const layout = be_get_irg_stack_layout(irg);
if (!layout->sp_relative) {
const arch_register_t *fp_reg = &sparc_registers[REG_FRAME_POINTER];
const arch_register_t *sp_reg = &sparc_registers[REG_SP];
ir_node *fp = be_get_initial_reg_value(irg, fp_reg);
ir_node *new_sp = be_get_initial_reg_value(irg, sp_reg);
ir_node *restore = new_bd_sparc_RestoreZero(NULL, block, new_sp, fp);
arch_register_t const *const fp_reg = &sparc_registers[REG_FRAME_POINTER];
ir_node *const fp = be_get_initial_reg_value(irg, fp_reg);
ir_node *const new_sp = be_get_initial_reg_value(irg, sp_reg);
ir_node *const restore = new_bd_sparc_RestoreZero(NULL, block, new_sp, fp);
sched_add_before(ret, restore);
arch_set_irn_register(restore, sp_reg);
set_irn_n(ret, n_sparc_Return_sp, restore);
} else {
ir_node *incsp = be_new_IncSP(sp_reg, block, sp, -frame_size, 0);
ir_type *const frame_type = get_irg_frame_type(irg);
unsigned const frame_size = get_type_size_bytes(frame_type);
ir_node *const incsp = be_new_IncSP(sp_reg, block, sp, -frame_size, 0);
set_irn_n(ret, n_sparc_Return_sp, incsp);
sched_add_before(ret, incsp);
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