Commit 649a0aae authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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Add debug info retriever

parent 4794cb5f
......@@ -9,6 +9,21 @@ void be_init(void);
void be_main(FILE *file_handle);
/** The type of the debug info retriever function. */
typedef const char *(*retrieve_dbg_func)(const dbg_info *dbg, unsigned *line);
* Sets a debug info retriever.
* @param func the debug retriever function.
void be_set_debug_retrieve(retrieve_dbg_func func);
* Retrieve the debug info.
const char *be_retrieve_dbg_info(const dbg_info *dbg, unsigned *line);
typedef struct _be_main_env_t be_main_env_t;
typedef struct _be_irg_t be_irg_t;
typedef struct _be_options_t be_options_t;
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