Commit 66511476 authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Unresolved should_be_same constraint => panic

parent 3debaa81
......@@ -260,10 +260,6 @@ static void assure_should_be_same_requirements(ir_node *node)
for (i = 0; i < n_res; i++) {
int i2, arity;
int same_pos;
ir_node *perm;
ir_node *in[2];
ir_node *perm_proj0;
ir_node *perm_proj1;
ir_node *uses_out_reg;
const arch_register_req_t *req = arch_get_out_register_req(node, i);
const arch_register_class_t *cls;
......@@ -342,38 +338,7 @@ static void assure_should_be_same_requirements(ir_node *node)
#ifdef DEBUG_libfirm
ir_fprintf(stderr, "Note: need perm to resolve should_be_same constraint at %+F (this is unsafe and should not happen in theory...)\n", node);
/* the out reg is used as node input: we need to permutate our input
* and the other (this is allowed, since the other node can't be live
* after! the operation as we will override the register. */
in[0] = in_node;
in[1] = uses_out_reg;
perm = be_new_Perm(cls, block, 2, in);
perm_proj0 = new_r_Proj(perm, get_irn_mode(in[0]), 0);
perm_proj1 = new_r_Proj(perm, get_irn_mode(in[1]), 1);
arch_set_irn_register(perm_proj0, out_reg);
arch_set_irn_register(perm_proj1, in_reg);
sched_add_before(node, perm);
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_1,
"created perm %+F for should be same argument at input %d of %+F (need permutate with %+F)\n",
perm, same_pos, node, uses_out_reg));
/* use the perm results */
for (i2 = 0; i2 < arity; ++i2) {
ir_node *in = get_irn_n(node, i2);
if (in == in_node) {
set_irn_n(node, i2, perm_proj0);
} else if (in == uses_out_reg) {
set_irn_n(node, i2, perm_proj1);
panic("Unresolved should_be_same constraint");
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